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Is Giovanni here, a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, specialized in MLD & Thai Massage.

Health and wellness services are my passions.

I genuinely believe that to improve the health of our bodies, we need to build greater body awareness.

In fact, I offer unique services aimed to help you improve your journey.

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Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy,and happy.

Do you want to live pain-free, enjoy good overall health and dwell in happiness?

Giovanni will create a treatment plan to help you achieve this well-being mindset, he would help you to overcome your physical pain, through massage and exercises to re-balancing all that has been destabilized.

Thanks to the broad range of studies that Giovanni did, Diploma in Remedial Masagge, Thai Massage and Applied Manual Lymphatic Drainage certifications, Giovanni have many tools in his box to help you in achieve a better level of wellness.

Furthermore, Giovanni take seriously the commitment of helping others. Therefor he make sure his clients are aware of what their are going through and why.

“Self-awareness is the first step to take, to come out of pain and discomfort”

Let us help!

Our Services

Tune into your body before performing a Thai Massage

Here I am with the Thai Teacher Pichest Boonthumme. I studied with Pichest in Chiang Mai along 2018/19 Pichest’s way of teaching is rather unique. He insists that his students learn how to feel into their body before starting any treatments, as different tension held within the body all require an individual approach.

About the journey

Massage and its Benefits | Remedial Massage Melbourne

All Melbourne Thai Treatment massage services are a great way to reduce stress and body ache.

Said so, services such as Remedial Massage, Thai Massage and MLD can accomplish more than just relaxing the body.

Indeed, Remedial Massage, Thai Massage and MLD can help in treating and preventing injuries.

As per result, Remedial Massage is a manual therapy, that combines different techniques. It can work on the superficial level of the body, like the lymphatic system, by using MLD or it can work on superficial and deep fascia, muscle, tendon and ligaments, using trigger point technique, MET, PNF and more…

Before the actual Remedial Massage, Giovanni will guide you through a series of Range of Motion (ROM)to individualise what part of the body needs more attention, and what muscles or groups of muscle in the body need treatment.

Indeed, Remedial Massage tends to improve your mobility, and flexibility reducing body pain and tension.

In regards to Thai Massage, at Melbourne Thai Treatment, Giovanni offers a traditional approach for this massage technique.

Thanks to the training done in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with Pichest Boonthumme, Giovanni did learn how to look at the body and its functionality through a different eye.

Customers, after a Thai Massage at Melbourne Thai Treatment, report feeling lighter, jelly, extremely relaxed, and refreshed.

This is possible thanks to the way Thai Massage works | Thai Massage Melbourne

By adopting a traditional approach, Giovanni is able not only to release the body’s tensions, along with a Thai Massage session but also to move energies and fluids within the body.

The traditional way of offering Thai Massage in fact is to work on the floor and not on a table. Along with the massage session, Giovanni will use his full body to deliver the benefits. It may use his feet or knees to work deeply on the body.

On the other hand, Thai Massage is not recommended for people who have conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes n1, Osteoporosis.

About MLD, Manual Lymphatic Drainage is probably the most relaxing technique that Melbourne Thai Treatment got to offer.

It is a pain-free technique and its focus is on the lymphatic system.

MLD is as good as that can be used on conditions such as bonds fracture, sunburn, oedema, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, pre and post-surgery for speeding up the recovery and to reduce the scar swelling.

All of this is possible thanks to the ability of MLD to speed up the lymphatic system capacity and workload.

Indeed, the lymphatic system, which is an under skin suction system, works at a speed of 7 to 8 bits per minute on a resting mode. After treatment is speed reach 30 to 32 bits per minute.

Thanks to the suction functionality, the lymphatic system removes all the excess liquid below the skin. All this excess liquid is sent to the blood system, for then be cleaned and filtered from the body organs, such as kidney, liver, heart and lungs.

Few are the absolute contraindication for MLD.

Giovanni holds a certificate 2 in applied MLD, which means it can work with customers who have an intact lymphatic system, and no lymph nodes were removed.

Massage in Coburg

Melbourne Thai Treatment home-based studio is situated along with Blair st, in Coburg. Here is where the magic happens. The studio is walk distance from Moreland Station, Tram 1, 6 and 19 and along with Blair St, Coburg, there is plenty of car-park spots, available all the time. Even tough, Melbourne Thai Treatment is minute away of reach from Brunswick, as Blair St, stands right at the border Brunswick – Coburg.

Melbourne Thai Treatment | Remedial Massage Coburg

At Melbourne Thai Treatment, Giovanni, the massage therapist who runs this home-based massage studio in Coburg, loves to help and improve the health status of others.

Thanks to Giovanni’s dedication to work and studies in the massage industry, he will always provide professional service and great care.

Giovanni’s Qualifications

Giovanni holds Australian and overseas qualifications in massage therapy.

In 2016 he took his first Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at the SSNT in Fitzroy.

After that, in 2018/2019 he studied and graduate at Pichest Boonthumme School in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Next, he completed a Diploma in Remedial Massage at RMIT University, where he is til enrolled in the Myotherapy course.

In between the Diploma in Remedial Massage and the Myotherapy study he took a course with the Vodder Academy for Applied MLD.

Private Health Insurance Rebate

Yes, at Melbourne Thai Treatment Private Health Insurance Rebate are available for service as Remedial Massage and MLD.

It is about your private health insurance plan with your provider what the level of the rebate would be.

For what massage should I go for?

Any of the Melbourne Thai Treatment Services are beneficial for the human body.

Said so, you may prefer one treatment to another one.

Remedial Massage is recommended for those people who have lesser mobility but still feel the need for a deep massage.

The level of undress for a Remedial Massage depends on the area that has to be treated.

You may need to remove your top limb clothes (bra always stays) and or lower limb clothes (underwear always stays).

Even though only the treated body area will be uncovered for the time of treatment, the rest of the body will be covered in towels.

For any assistance or special request, you can always talk to the Melbourne Thai Treatment therapist about it.

Thai Massage is more suggestible for those clients who need deep relaxation for body and mind but still feel like receiving deep tissue work done.

For receiving a Thai Massage you will be wearing pants and a t-shirt.

That’s for, Giovanni does provide clean Thai Fisherman pants and T-shirts for his client, but you are welcome to have your own.

If so, please just make sure that are comfortable cotton clothes, not tight.

Indeed, if synthetic (like leggings) abrasion may occur on the skin during the treatment.

About MLD is suggestible for those who come in with a severe injury, chronic pain, or even who needs a really deep relaxation treatment. MLD can be incorporated along with your Remedial Massage treatment.

The level of undress for MLD is as per Remedial Massage | MLD Melbourne

Indeed, you may need to remove your top limb clothes (bra always stays) and or lower limb clothes (underwear always stays).

Even though only the treated body area will be uncovered for the time of treatment, the rest of the body will be covered in towels.

In conclusion, for any assistance or special request, you can always talk to the Melbourne Thai Treatment therapist about it.

What should I aspect from a Melbourne Thai Treatment Massage Service?

At Melbourne Thai Treatment Giovanni deliver a professional Massage Service.

Everyone is treated the same, no matter the age, cultural background or gender.

On the other hand, in regards how you may feel during and after the massage can be subjective to your body conditions.

Indeed, as already mentioned, Remedial Massage and Thai Massage can be strong type of treatment that may not everyone like.

Said so, the day after you may could feel a bit of discomfort in the area treated. The discomfort can last 24 to 48 hours, but would be nothing that would limit you to move around.

An heat pack can always help to reduce the ache sensation.

A short term ache after a treatment is normal. Can happen due to the body responding to the inflammation stimulation.

What a Remedial Massage is good for?

– Head Ache

– Sore muscle

– Joint pain

– Plantar fasciitis

– Sciatica Pain

– Carpal Tunnel

– Tendinitis

– Neck Pain

– Back Pain

Remedial Massage service is available at the Melbourne Thai Treatment home studio in Coburg.

What a Thai Massage is good for?

– Head Ache

– Deep Treatment

– Injury Recovery

– Post Operation Treatment

– Sore Muscle;

– Joint Pain

– Plantar Fasciitis

– Sciatica Pain

– Carpal Tunnel

– Tendinitis

– Neck Pain

– Back Pain

Thai Massage service is available at the Melbourne Thai Treatment home studio in Coburg.

What MLD is good for?

– Chronic Pain

– Acute Inflammation

– Oedema

– Fibromyalgia

– Body Swelling

– Pre-Surgery Operation Recovery

– Post-Surgery Operation Recovery

– Scar Reduction

– Sunburn

– Headache

– Back Pain

– Bulging Disk

– Broken Bonds Pain Relief

Indeed MLD service is available at the Melbourne Thai Treatment home studio in Coburg.

For what Thai Yoga is good for?

– Preventing Injuries

– Building Body Awareness

– Relaxation

– Improve Mobility

– Improve Motility

– Good Stretching

– Health Exercise

– Warm-Up Exercises

Thai Yoga Classes are available at the Melbourne Thai Treatment home studio in Coburg for classes 1 to 1 or group classes up to 3 people.