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Neck Pain

neck pain

Neck Pain. Neck pain is something that we all did experience at some point in life and is not fun. Neck pain can manifest for very different reasons, it can be chronic, it can come and go and can debilitate our day. How we can prevent neck pain to happen? And, if I am in […]

Breathing – part 2 – Breath Wave

breathing Wave

In the previous post, we did talk about the benefit of breathing in by the nose and breathing out by the mouth. Now indeed I am going to talk about the Breathing Wave. What is a breathing wave? What body’s part is involved? How to exercise it? The breathing wave as it sounds already is […]

Food intake, balanced life and awareness

In a fast and modern society like the one that we are living in today, knowing what food to consume, can be a tough task. Often we have a short time, and a tight budget and we go for what catches our eyes which is not always the healthiest option. As the food industry did […]

Dive in, to let go…

Time to let go

Welcome to Melbourne Thai Treatment Blog | Remedial Massage & Thai Massage Studio, Coburg. In this post we are going to talk about “Dive in, let go” Often we get told that we should let go. How easy it is to say such a thing, but how hard it is to do so. When I […]